As of 6 November 2012


I. INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this memorandum is to highlight the Naples High School

Booster Club (BC) Board Members job description, duties and responsibilities.


II. BC PURPOSE: The purpose of the Naples High School Athletic Booster Club is to promote and provide community support for Naples High School (NHS) sports programs by: providing assistance in the acquisition of sports related equipment, promoting community involvement, fostering good sportsmanship with visiting athletes and schools, and providing athletic scholarships to deserving NHS athletes.


III. GENERAL: All NHS BC board members shall be elected at the annual general membership meeting.

a. Sitting Board Members will identify and nominate individuals for election. The compiled list of nominees will be announced and voted upon during the annual BC General Membership Meeting. A secret ballot will decide those situations where there is more than one candidate for a specific Board Officer position.

b. The terms of members of the NHS BC members shall be one year.

c. Any board member may resign at any time by giving written notice to the President or to the Secretary. Such resignation shall take effect at the time specified. Acceptance of the resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective. Any board member, who misses three (3) consecutive meetings without being excused by the President, shall be conclusively deemed to have resigned from the NHS Board Member staff.

d. Any vacancy occurring in the BC Board Members may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining board members, even when less than a quorum of the board members remains. Any board member elected to fill a vacancy shall be elected for the un-expired term of his/her predecessor in office.



a. President:

Job Description – The President shall be the Principal Officer of the Booster Club and shall, in general, supervise and manage all business. The President shall preside at all meetings of the members, appoint members of committees, and vote at meetings only in the event of a tie vote or may waive the right to do so.


Duties and Responsibilities –

· Serve as the lead and focal point for the Naples High School Athletic Booster Club.

· Establish and facilitate the Naples High School Athletic Booster Club organization to maintain, confirm all activities within the BC in support of all athletic sports programs.

· Review, evaluate and coordinate NHS BC Bylaws and Constitution yearly to ensure compliance and identify any shortfalls.

· Coordinate and facilitate the monthly NHS BC meetings.

· ICW NHS PTSA, serve as the lead for annual Asian Auction coordinator.

· Coordinate End of Season Sports Banquets and ensure adequate funding is provided

· Provide overall oversight and direction to NHS BC issues and concerns

· Serve as an alternate Treasurer and issue monies to organizations if required.

· Maintain and publish the BC Flyer monthly

· Execute other BC duties as assigned or required!!


b. Vice - President:

Job Description – In the absence of the President or in the event of his inability or refusal to act, the Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President; and when so acting, shall have all the authority of, and be subject to, all the restrictions of the President. In the event of the resignation or removal from office of the President, the Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President for the remainder of the term.


Duties and Responsibilities –

· Monitor and promote BC membership, spirit wear sells, and fund raising events.

· Facilitate the Naples High School Athletic Booster Club organization to maintain and confirm all activities within the BC in support of all athletic sports programs.

· Review, evaluate, and coordinate NHS BC Bylaws and Constitution yearly to ensure compliance and help identify any shortfalls.

· Ensure a quorum is achieved and validate results of all meetings.

· Aid in coordination of all athletic banquets.

· Coordinate, monitor and ensure all Booster Club duties and responsibilities are being perform.

· Coordinate and publish weekly sports results to the General BC membership.

· Execute other BC duties as assigned or required!!


c. Treasurer:

Job Description – Keep all records of official business and financial transactions receive and assume accountability for all Club monies; maintain a checking account for Club monies at a on-base financial institution; pay all legally incurred obligations of the BC; present a written financial report at every regularly (monthly) BC Board meeting or when requested by the

General Membership; present The BC financial records for audit as required by Naval Support Activity, Naples, Italy.


Duties and Responsibilities –

· Maintain the BC check book and ensure all financial records are maintained.

· Coordinate and conduct an annual audit of the BC financial records

· Provide funding to all eligible BC recipients.


d. Secretary:

Job Description – Maintain a record of all decisions and motions voted upon by the Board of Directors. Record and make available minutes of all General Membership and Board of Director meetings. Ensure that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of these Bylaws.


Duties and Responsibilities –

· Chair the monthly BC meeting and take minutes.

· Publish BC minutes within 7 days of completion of the meeting.


e. Membership Chair:

Job Description – Will keep a record of all BC members and lead the effort in bringing in new BC members. The incumbent will ensure an updated roster is available for all board members at each meeting and be prepared to speak to BC member percentages for each team should they request BC funding support.


Duties and Responsibilities –

· Maintain the BC membership roster to include accounting for all Medallion members.

· Distribute BC Welcome Letter to all active and incoming members.

· Establish and maintain BC general membership email distribution.

· Assist in the distribution of Medallion membership incentive awards.

· Secure each team’s athletic roster at the beginning of each season.

· Be prepared to give each team’s membership rate for purposes of providing funding support.

· Attend sporting events when possible to advertise BC membership.

· Maintain hard copy BC memberships forms on file.


f. Spirit Wear Chair:

Job Description – The chair will take over all aspects of fund raising through the sale of spirit items. They will report status and current inventory at Booster Club meetings.


Duties and Responsibilities –

· Assist in the distribution of Medallion membership incentive awards

· Determine spirit item needs

· Order and maintain NHS Spirit items to include clothing and accessories.

· Organize the sale of spirit items at sporting events and other Booster Club activities

· Maintain a current inventory of items

· Order necessary items throughout the year

· Insure available stock for the opening of the school year


g. Fund Raising Chair

Job Description – The chair will organize fund raising events throughout the year for the purpose of acquiring the funds needed to meet the Booster Club budget.


Duties and Responsibilities –

· Organize concession sales for home football and basketball games.

· Shop for needed food items

· Find volunteers to man concession sales including set-up and tear down

· Organize other fund raising events such as Flea Market/Craft Fair

· Help organize volunteers for the Asian Auction

· Provide volunteer service during the auction in whatever capacity is needed

· Help with set up and tear down and collection of funds at Sports Banquets

· Assist with Golf fundraiser in the spring

· Help with spirit item sales


h. NHS Athletic Director:

Job Description – Serve as liaison for all High School athletic programs.


Duties and Responsibilities –

· Serve as the focal point to distribute and receive information to all coaches

· Supply athletic schedules and information to the BC board

· Collect and present AOM documentation monthly to the BC board

· Coordinate AOM pictures and write-ups for all students to the Panorama

· Present fund requests from coaches to the BC board

· Assist in coordinating and scheduling end of season athletic banquets.

· Coordinate weekly sports results to the BC membership chair.


i. Publicity Chair:

Job Description – Provide newsworthy events that highlight the athletic achievement of students/teams/the high school and booster club activities to local news organizations.

Duties and Responsibilities –

· Recruit a volunteer parent or student from each sport to provide publicity for that sport to local and regional news organizations (school paper, Panorama, Stars and Stripes, AFN, etc……)

· Publicize upcoming athletic and fundraising events.

· Execute other BC duties as assigned or required!!